With a piece of sheet, you can easily master your time: boost productivity, and reduce pressure

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Minimal Design

You can understand how to user BRNR List within a minute.

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Drag and Drop

You can easily rearrange your tasks by dragging them to the right place.

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Markdown Support

Yes, you can jot down notes with your favourite markdown syntax.

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Daily Burner

You can burn your tasks and start fresh everyday.

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Daily Steak

You can easily build a good habit of burning tasks.

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Print Support*

Want to use paper and pen? No problem, you can plan with BRNR list, and print out the sheet.

A Proven Way of Sustainable Productivity

The concept of Burner List was first introduced in the popular productivity book Make Time. Inspired by it, we prepared BRNR List to help you master your time again.

Easy to Use

The original Burner List can be built with a paper and a pen, and now, you can open BRNR to try this approach easily.

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Easy to Burn

The best part of the Burner List is that you can throw away the paper when you finished planned tasks. Now, you can have the same experience on BRNR List.

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Easy to Review

When you finished BRNR sheets, you can review them in the Burnt Box.

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Wanna boost your productivity while reducing pressure